The one on brea…

The one on breathlessness was really good

What do medical students want?
Just like learning to drive, we have forgotten what it is like to be a medical student already. Lost,  being mildly terrified of seniors and feeling like a spare part is certainly part of my early experience in clinical medicine.
Teaching on the wards and in a classroom environment require different skill sets. A quick straw poll of my third year medical students suggested that a thorough classroom thrashing of one particular topic e.g breathlessness is a whole lot better than a quick whiz through a powerpoint presentation that you borrowed from a friend. It’s really easy to teach the what, anyone can learn that from a  textbook. It is a lot harder to teach the why  but this is the most valuable. Why will teach medical students to critically analyse the information in front of them. Sure, you might not be around when they are the FY1 on nights analysing a patient’s episode of chest pain but if you give them the skills and confidence to think why then they’ll be grateful. 

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